On How Paris Awakens the Sterling Essence of Life

There are many things I always wish to do and I never do them because I do the things I’m supposed to do instead. It is often why I find myself unable to relax. The neat thing about Paris is that it allows you to do only the things you wish to do, and so I would imagine it is difficult to have anything other than a lovely time. However, if you do not like-

1. Warm breezes dancing over your back and through your hair as you cross between the alleyways of aurulent buildings, sunning themselves like masterpieces

milling about paris

2. Drinking raspberry beer and munching on chocolate biscuits under a shimmering tower of elegant steel

first night in paris

3. Getting drunk on a carafe of Chardonnay at a street cafe all through golden hour while sharing a charcuterie board with the one you love

4. Feeling the soft, white sand of the Luxembourg gardens slip into your sandals as you watch the red, violet, and white flowers crane their necks to the sun, towering softly above the lime colored grass

4. Savoring chocolate and vanilla- infused black tea in pastel pink china cups with a raspberry macaron pastry, which is to be filled with thick, pink frosting and dotted with sparkling fresh fruit, all acting as lodestar to the center: rich, tart, creamy lemon curd


5. Browsing an old bookstore (which has an especially high-quality selection of Lost Generation and Beat prose) outfitted with its own cream-colored cat, which can be found sleeping undisturbed in the upstairs library, outfitted with a myriad of typewriters and ancient texts

shakespeare and co books

-then perhaps this is not the city for you. You’ve been warned, and fairly, I might add.

lux gardens 2

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