The Darker Side of Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day has become a bit saccharine, if you ask me – and I wonder how it evolved into such a thing, as its own history says otherwise.

If you’re looking to celebrate the holiday in an altogether more meaningful way, informed by history and inspired by the alternative, well, I just might have a [short] list for you!  I’ve put together a smattering of my favorite Valentine links and articles, whether they be gifts, bits of history, or alternative valentines. Enjoy!

-If you’re a sour puss, you might be inclined to try a “vinegar valentine”

-If you or your valentine has a penchant for macabre whimsies (full disclosure – I wrote this one!)

-How St. Valentine has been “sorted” into many different pieces

-Why Eros is Thanatos’ lover

-If the Victorians’ way of life strikes your fancy, you might enjoy their traditional valentines


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