A Round-Up of Witchy Goodness and Occult Forces to Be Reckoned With

This week I’ve been immersed in occult studies, reading up on Satanism, Spiritualism, and Wicca; researching the Fox Sisters, Beyoncé’s invocation of Maman Brigitte, and the impact of what it means to be called a ‘witch’ as a woman today.

In many cases, the occult – what is hidden, unknowable, sometimes paranormal – is inextricably linked to death – something that is also hidden and unknowable to all of us, until we die. Women, the life and death bearers of our world, and the occult have always been linked, and the occult has always provided a way for women to access power.

I thought I’d do a different sort of post this week and round up some delicious feminist occult articles & gems for you to peruse, because the spiritual energy seems to be flowing extra generously this week.


Modern Day Covens: Celebrating Art, the Occult, and Empowerment

Halfway to Halloween: Walpurgisnacht is ‘Witches’ Night’

Beyoncé as Conjure Woman: Reclaiming the Magic of Black Lives (That) Matter

How Modern Women Are Reclaiming the Occult – shameless plug for myself

Tin House – the latest issue has 2 great pieces on The Fox Sisters and Doreen Valiente


A wee list of things I currently covet.

The Fox Sisters Enamel Lapel Pin – I’m obsessed and desire greatly

Witch Barbie Tee – super cute, for the sparkly witch

The Witches print – so gorgeous!

Witch Slut Swag for Summer – for the satanic feminist

The Witch’s Garden – the more I buy from BPAL, the more I need




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